dukeandbanner (dukeandbanner) wrote,

Goodbye Michael Jackson

Michael before the "is he black or white?" days.

Michael was just about this age, as were the other Jackson's, when I went to deliver video tapes to the family. It was 1972, and the family owned a top-of-the-line Sony video tape recorder. It allowed them to record in glorious black and white on expensive 1" reel-to-reel tape.

It was a gated community in Encino, and I was happy that no cop had pulled me over for interrogation, as I had a long beard and long hair, and was traveling slowly, attempting to read addresses. Of course, the "Smith & Larsen TV Repair" logo on the side of the truck, probably helped.

I'm not sure which one Michael was, since I met all 5 at the same time. But they did smile at me, and acknowledged that I had the biggest beard that they had ever seen, besides Santa. I bellied my best Santa laugh, and headed back to Van Nuys.

Here's to you, Michael.
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